Corrugating Steam Systems at SuperCorrExpo 2012

SuperCorrExpo 2012 has come to an end. The weeklong event brought in over 6,000 attendees, 800 conference attendees, and 300 exhibiting companies from all over the world. It was obvious that the corrugating market is healthy and has an encouraging interest in energy efficiency and maximizing runnability.

Kadant Johnson Inc. was among the 300 exhibiting companies and we introduced a revolutionary change in corrugating steam systems to provide corrugators with a solution to meet the market demands for high performance, flexibility, and efficiency. Conventional steam systems are designed around the steam trap and these systems worked well at slower speeds with conventional rolls and narrow weight range. Today, faster speeds, large heat load variations, and new roll designs demand an approach to steam system design that delivers high heat transfer, continuous condensate removal, and energy efficiency.

The approach, which is based on intimidate knowledge built on decades of condensate behavior ad heat transfer research in rotating rolls, integrates steam systems with steam joints and syphons to deliver maximum heat transfer reliably and efficiently.

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