Eliminate Steam System Constraints, Maximize Performance

In response to today’s corrugator machines running at faster speeds, larger heat load variations, and new roll designs, Kadant Johnson pioneered a revolutionary change in corrugating steam system design and operation and announced our new advanced corrugator steam system for high-speed corrugating machines in mid-2012.

For over 50 years we have invested in developing a deep understanding of condensate behavior, heat transfer, and syphon characteristics in rotating rolls. The introduction of an advanced corrugator steam system is based on an intimate knowledge of integrating steam systems with steam joints and syphons to deliver maximum heat transfer reliability and efficiency. While the purpose of a corrugator steam system is well understood, inefficiencies in steam distribution, heat transfer, and condensate removal are common in many plants. The advanced corrugator steam system provides corrugators the highest possible heat transfer and temperature uniformity with higher reliability and less maintenance than conventional steam trap systems. The system addresses the heat transfer limitations that have been found to negatively impact the performance of high-speed single-facers.

Operators no longer have to slow back machine speed and make adjustments to compensate for limitations in conventional steam system design. Today’s market demands high performance, flexibility, and efficiency; we look forward to applying our intimate knowledge of integrating steam systems with steam joints and syphons to help today’s modern plants run faster and more efficiently.