Papermakers and Suppliers Flock to Atlanta

At the end of April, papermakers and their suppliers flocked to Atlanta, GA to attend TAPPI’s PaperCon 2013 conference and exhibit. TAPPI reports the 1,793 in attendance was another record breaker and the exhibit sold out. The theme for the event was innovation generation and the variety of topics covered in the conference programs and on the exhibit floor definitely keyed into this theme.

During the exhibition, the Kadant booth was generating interest and attracting visitors to the sound of running water. The source for the sound was an operating model of Kadant Solutions’ new RotoFlex™ recovery strainer. The strainer uses a rotating conical shaped fabric mesh screen and stationary showers. The water spray drives the rotation of the strainer’s screen and no motors are used. Because the fabric screen is unsupported it vibrates and flexes facilitating gravitational fall of the collected debris and fibers into the center reject.

Also a big hit in the booth this year was the Kadant Solutions roll cleaner. The roll cleaner is the first of its kind in the industry to clean and condition paper machine or other processing machine roll surfaces using a doctor holder. Check out the roll cleaner flyer to see how it is used. When ready to clean a roll, the roll cleaner simply slips into an existing doctor blade holder. Also, similar to sandpaper, the pads come in different grits and are made of different materials dictated by the type of debris to be remove and the type of roll to be cleaned.

Kadant Johnson’s PTX® rotary joint and cantilever stationary syphon also made an appearance at the exhibit. The PTX rotary joint is the ultimate in rotary joint and syphon technology for steam-heated paper dryers. The modern system allows mills to operate their steam and condensate system over a wide range of conditions with flexibility and reliability.

The booth activity was wonderful. We had representatives from Kadant Black Clawson, Kadant Johnson, and Kadant Solutions divisions all in active conversations with our visitors.

In addition to exhibiting at the trade show, Kadant participated in several technical programs including:

Overall, for papermakers and Kadant, it was a great event. We hope to see you at PaperCon 2014 at the new Nashville Convention Center in downtown Nashville.