Steam System Design and Operation Gets Refined for Non-Paper Markets

MonitoringKadant Johnson’s expertise in steam system design and engineering as well as steam handling products such as recirculating thermocompressors, booster thermocompressors, direct steam injection water heaters, and desuperheaters have been refined over the past 40 years in the paper industry and has recently been used to reduce energy consumption and increase output in non-paper, industrial markets such as food, municipal waste, and mining. Just a few weeks ago, for example, Kadant Johnson was awarded an order for a steam supply and condensate removal system from Penford Products Co. to be used in its production of corn germ meal. Penford Products., a subsidiary of Penford Corporation (NASDAQ:PENX), manufactures specialty natural-based ingredient systems for various applications, including papermaking, textiles, and food products.

Kadant Johnson will supply the steam and condensate system for a new machine being installed at the company’s Cedar Rapids plant. The new steam system features blow-through steam control to ensure reliable removal of condensate from the rotating steam tube dryer and maximum energy efficiency. In addition, the steam system will improve operator visibility to monitor operations, facilitate troubleshooting and problem resolution, and enhance air removal capability.