Kadant Johnson Hosts Paper Drying and Process Optimization Clinic

IMG_0127Kadant Johnson recently hosted a Paper Drying and Process Optimization clinic focusing on how to optimize energy utilization and enhance mill operating performance. During the two day event, attendees had the opportunity to learn best-in-class practices from various process experts and identify new ways of looking at paper drying and dryer section optimization.

The clinic attracted a diverse group of papermakers, mill managers, superintendents, and engineers from paper and tissue mills across the U.S. The topics covered included paper drying fundamentals, condensate behavior inside a rotating cylinder, steam and condensate system design and operation, reliability and Paper Drying Seminarprocess optimization, and defining dryer performance, among other key issues impacting mill operations.

The feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive and the interactions among the attendees provided an opportunity for idea exchange and new insights. Some specific comments taken from the post-clinic survey included:

“Very good combination of basic and technical information.”

“Well executed.”Paper Drying Seminar

“The most valuable aspect of the seminar was understanding how to approach the dryer section.”

“The most valuable aspect of the seminar was dryer control options/opportunities and case studies and the evident value of doing a dryer study at the mill.”