Kadant Announces New Ceramic Tip Blade for Tissue Market

Kadant Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of its CeraEdge™ creping blade line for use in tissue production. The new creping blade utilizes a thermal spray technology to offer a unique ceramic-tipped blade that provides tissue producers with excellent creping performance in terms of operating life and tissue softness.

Ceramic Tip Creping BladesThe CeraEdge L creping blade is designed for applications seeking extended blade life resulting in high productivity and maximum asset utilization. For premium tissue producers seeking high tissue softness, the CeraEdge S creping blade is recommended for relatively dirty furnish due to its insensitivity to particles and contaminants. The thermal stability of both products reduces blade buckling, twisting, and warping compared to other products in the marketplace.

According to Jerry Vandoros, product manager at Kadant Solutions, CeraEdge Creping Blade“The timing is perfect for launching the CeraEdge creping blade line. There are more metallized Yankee surfaces being installed and some of the new manufacturing processes put high demands on creping blade performance. Kadant offers a range of coatings for its blades that address specific requirements of both high quality consumer grades and 100% recycle away-from-home grades.” Vandoros continued, “The new CeraEdge creping blades fit nicely in Kadant’s product portfolio for tissue producers, which includes Yankee doctor systems and holders, spray booms, suction pressure roll doctors, steam and condensate equipment, and technical service.”

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