Decreases Downtime and Increases Performance by Checking Blade Angles

AngleSet Gauge ToolDoctor and roll cleaning blades are used to clean rolls and remove stock accumulations, water, pitch, and filler buildup. Since doctor and roll cleaning blades are used in a variety of industries including paper, tissue, carbon fiber, chemical, food, beverage, corrugating, construction, metals, textiles and nonwovens, it is important to make sure each blade angle is set appropriately for the job. Otherwise, there can be a significant increase in maintenance downtime and decreased blade performance.  If a blade angle is not adjusted properly, the blade may wear too quickly, cause damage to the roll, or become a safety risk.

Often a tool or gauge can be used to set the proper blade angle for improved performance. To determine blade angle, the device is placed on the roll surface with the foot’s center line at the point of blade contact. This establishes a tangential reference. The tool is then placed on the doctor blade surface to measure the actual doctor or roll cleaning blade angle.

Kadant Solutions offers the AngleSet™ gauge to accurately and quickly assess the doctor blade angle in applications such as creping, drum flaking, and converting equipment, among others. Quickly and easily order the AngleSet gauge online.