Fluid Filtration 101 – How Can You Optimize Your Process?

Water is a valuable resource. It may contain harmful contaminants such as sand and dirt, or precious recoverable resources such as fiber, heat or chemicals. Selection of the proper filtration equipment can significantly contribute to bottom-line profitability. If water systems are not properly managed, millions of dollars can be lost annually to the sewer or landfill.

Optimization of the process loops to conserve energy, redirect fiber and solids, and to recycle water/process water will help manufacturers remain competitive. Many different filtration technologies, including some new to the marketplace, are available to help recover water and to remove contaminants that may cause product defects, off spec product, and process issues.

To learn more about the fundamentals of fluid filtration, watch the webinar video below. The webinar explains the importance of proper water recovery and understanding the system used in your process. Fluid filtration basics as well as critical items to consider when determining the best solution for their process is covered. The presentation ends with specific solution ideas.

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